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and become part of
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
 "A cyclone carries Dorothy and her dog, Toto, to the magical land of Oz..."
Full Performance at Alderney Landing on May 1st, 2016*

IRISH DANCE with Beth and Sinead Greene! 

We are very pleased to announce that Beth and Sinead Greene will be coming to Fall River School of Performing Arts and bringing with them years of experience in the world of Irish Dance.  New to Fall River, Bedford, Lower Sackville and surrounding areas, lets help Beth and Sinead keep this Traditional form of dance alive and well.  Check our schedule for times and pricing.  Welcome Beth and Sinead
And this is Irish Dance ...

The Rage Dance Studio 

FRSPA Dance is now The Rage Dance Studio!  The Rage Dance Studio will offer every level of training, from beginner to professional, as well as competitive dance, technical development, vocal training, acting coaches, and performance opportunities.  At The Rage Dance Studio we realize the potential of performance to affect positive change in attitude, confidence and self-image and we want our students to be the best performers they can be!  It all begins on the dance floor training with Jessika Rose, Katie… Read more

Welcome Katie Paton! 

We are excited to announce that Katie Paton with be joining The Rage Dance Studio bringing with her a strong and inspiring love of dance to our growing program.  Welcome Katie!

Welcome Brittany Hann! 

We are very pleased that Brittany Hann will be joining the staff of FRSPA as a voice and musical theatre instructor.  This creative young woman is passionate about her work and she will inject fresh energy and excitement into her classes.  Welcome Brittany!
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