Songwriting at FRSPA

Jim Henman cowrote this beautiful song "Hit Reset" with Halifax singer/songwriter Bill Jardine through virtual meetings over about six 1- hour sessions. This was Jim and Bill's first cowrite together. They liked the term "Hit Reset" for a song as all sorts of relationships need it  ... so they stuck to the "committed love relationship" as almost all people in loving relationships can relate to the need to "Hit Reset". They demoed their creation with Flynn Tanner, a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer in Toronto whose voice can be heard singing this version. 

Jim offers aspiring or experienced songwriters techniques to bring their stories, emotions and musical talents together into song. His Organic Songwriting Method has been used to write over 20 songs with audiences of his live performances. Jim is also experienced in sharing his expertise in songwriting through virtual mediums such as Zoom, where he has continued to co-write songs with many artists. 

In 2022, Jim and FRSPA have come together to offer an immersive songwriting journey in the medium of your choice.

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